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Just like siblings have common features inherited from their parents, widgets that ship with Liferay Portal also share common features. These include look and feel, exporting/importing app data, communication, sharing, permissions, scoping, and configuration templates. These features work together to facilitate information flow within Liferay Portal and provide an enhanced experience for your users. You’ll start with look and feel configuration options.

Look and Feel Configuration

To access the look and feel configuration menu of any widget, Click Options () in the top right corner of the widget. Select Look and Feel Configuration. Look and Feel Configuration has six tabs:...

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Exporting/Importing Widget Data

You may need to export data from a specific widget instance, without regard to content on the rest of the Site. There are many widgets that let you export or import their data individually: Blogs...

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Communication Between Portlet Widgets

Portlet widgets can communicate with each other using public render parameters and events. Public render parameters are easy to use and can be quite powerful. Some Liferay portlets provide a...

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Sharing Widgets with Other Sites

You can share widgets with other Sites by embedding an instance of a widget running on your Site into another website, such as Facebook. This opens up a whole new avenue of exposure to your web...

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Widget Permissions

All of Liferay’s widgets support Liferay Portal’s robust, fine-grained permissions system. Some higher level permissions can be configured in the permissions tab of the widget’s configuration...

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Widget Scope

As you learned earlier, Roles can be scoped by the instance, by Site, or by an Organization. A Role only takes effect within its scope. For example, a Message Boards Administrator Role with...

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Configuration Templates

Once you’ve configured a widget, Configuration Templates can save those settings in a reusable template. If someone goes in and changes the settings of a particular widget, it then becomes easy to...

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