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Liferay Portal contains several features and widgets for leveraging its social framework. The Activities widget lets you broadcast user activities on a Site. This is a good way for Site members to see what’s going on in their communities. When placed on a user’s private Dashboard, the Activities widget displays the activities of that user’s social connections. Users can make those social connections via the Contacts Center app, which lets them establish connections and followers throughout the portal. What’s more, widgets can be exported as OpenSocial gadgets and/or used with Facebook.

This guide shows you how to do these things, and more.

Using the Activities Widget

The core social widget is Activities. It displays information about user activity on the Site where you added it. User activities tracked include updates to the Documents and Media library, blog...

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Connecting Users

By adding the Contacts Center and Activities widgets to users’ private Dashboards, administrators can let users form social connections. The Contacts Center widget lets users form these connection...

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Exporting Widgets To Other Websites

You can publish its widgets to other websites via OpenSocial. This lets you provide your widget or content in the context of another website. Read on to find out how this is done. Sharing...

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Integrating with Facebook

Liferay Portal provides tools for integrating your portal and its content with Facebook. For example, you can use Facebook for authentication and even export widgets as Facebook applications. This...

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Using Social Bookmarks

Social bookmarks appear below content as buttons for sharing that content on social networks. For example, social bookmarks appear by default in the Blogs widget below each blog post. For more...

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