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You have two different ways to set up staging: Local Live and Remote Live. Whether you enable Local Live or Remote Live staging, the interface for managing and publishing staged pages is the same.

Local Live staging lets you publish site changes quickly, since the staged and live environments are on the same server. It’s also easier to switch between the staged and live environments using Local Live staging. Since the staged content, however, is stored in the same database as the production content, your server must have more resources, and the content isn’t as well protected or backed up as with Remote Live staging. Also, you can’t install new versions of apps for testing purposes in a Local Live staging environment, since only one version of an app can be installed at any given time on a single Liferay server.

With Remote Live staging, your staging and live environments are hosted on separate servers, so your data is separated. This lets you deploy new versions of apps and content to your staging environment without interfering with your live environment. However, publishing is slower with Remote Live staging since data must be transferred over a network. Of course, you also need more hardware to run a separate staging server.

Visit the staging environment article (Local or Remote) that most closely aligns with your goal for staging content.

Enabling Local Live Staging

Local Live staging places both your staging environment and your live environment on the same server. When it’s enabled, a clone of the site is created containing copies of all of the site’s...

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Enabling Remote Live Staging

In Remote Live staging, a connection is established between the current site and another site on a remote Liferay server. The remote site becomes the live environment and the current site becomes...

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Configuring Servers for Remote Live Staging

Before you can enable Remote Live staging for a site, you must satisfy some necessary requirements: Add the remote Liferay server to the current Liferay server’s list of allowed servers, and vice...

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Enabling Page Versioning and Staged Content

Enabling page versioning for a site lets site administrators work in parallel on multiple versions of the site’s pages. Page versioning also maintains a history of all updates to the site from the...

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