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Liferay Sync synchronizes files between your Liferay Portal server and users’ desktop and mobile environments. With Liferay Sync, users can publish and access shared documents and files from their native environments without using a browser. Clients for Windows and Mac OS desktops and Android and iOS mobile platforms are supported. As users add and collaborate on documents and files, Liferay Sync automatically synchronizes them across all configured Sync clients and your server. Liferay Sync integrates completely with Liferay Portal so that features such as authentication and versioning function in the supported environments. The Liferay Sync desktop client stores files locally so they’re always available, even when users are offline. It automatically synchronizes files upon client reconnection. The Liferay Sync mobile client saves storage space on users’ devices by downloading only the files they choose.

Administering Liferay Sync

Before your users can use Liferay Sync with their Sites, you must install and configure it on your Liferay Portal server. The articles here walk you through this and also discuss important topics...

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Using Liferay Sync on Your Desktop

Liferay Sync synchronizes files between your Liferay Portal Sites and desktop devices. It lets you work with your files without using a browser. The Sync clients also ensure that the files are...

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Using Liferay Sync on Your Mobile Device

Liferay Sync for Android and iOS contains most of the desktop Sync client’s functionality. The mobile client can, however, only be connected to one Liferay Portal account at a time. Also, mobile...

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