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The Documents and Media library stores files on the server using the same type of structure that you use to store files locally. It accepts files of any kind, can serve as a virtual shared drive, and can mount and browse external repositories. You can organize documents using customizable document types and metadata sets and display them with automatic document preview generation. Its companion app, the Media Gallery, displays selected content from the Documents and Media library. It can render image, audio, and video files.

Liferay Sync synchronizes Documents and Media folders with local folders on your devices, both your desktop machines and mobile devices.

You’ll get started with Documents and Media by exploring how to publish files.

Metadata Sets

You can define metadata fields that users fill out when they create or edit Document Library files. You do this by creating metadata sets and then associating them with document types, which wrap...

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Document Types

Document types are made of metadata fields and help users define the purpose of Document Library files. For example, the built-in Contract document type contains metadata fields for the effective...

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Store Types

You can change the file system (the store) that the Documents and Media library uses to store files. This is configured in the portal-ext.properties file by setting the dl.store.impl=property....

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Publishing Files

As you create sites, you’ll probably want to share files on them. The Documents and Media library (Document Library) lets you upload and publish all kinds of files on your sites. Pictures, videos,...

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