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Say you’re working on a product-oriented Site where several major changes are required for a page or a set of pages over a short period of time. You must work on multiple versions of the Site at the same time to ensure everything has been properly reviewed before it goes live. With staging, you can do this using Page Variations.

In this section, you’ll explore page variations and how they’re useful.

Using Multi and Single Page Variations

There are two page variation options available from the Staging Bar: Site Pages Variation: Different variations for a set of Site pages. For instance, you could use this if you had three separate...

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Creating Multi and Single Page Variations

You can create two types of page variations: Site Pages Variation (multiple pages) Page Variation (single page) You can learn more about these variations in the Using Multi and Single Page...

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Merging Site Pages Variations

Another powerful feature of Staging’s Page Versioning framework is the possibility of merging Site Pages Variations. To merge two Site Pages Variations, follow the instructions below. Click the...

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