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As you create sites, you’ll probably want to share files on them. The Documents and Media library (Document Library) lets you upload and publish all kinds of files on your sites. Pictures, videos, spreadsheets, slide presentations, and more can be stored in and shared from the Document Library. Document Library instances can be scoped to a portal instance, site, or page, so you can work with files where they’re relevant.

In these tutorials, you’ll learn how to add files, display them, and collaborate on them. You’ll learn how to use both the Documents and Media Library and the Media Gallery. And lastly, you’ll learn how to collaborate on files from within several environments, including your browser and local desktop file system.

Adding Files to a Document Library

This article covers the following topics to help you get started adding files to your Document Library: Granting File Permissions and Roles: Determine who can add, view, and update files. Doing...

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Creating Folders

You’ll need folders to organize all but the most limited set of files. Here, you’ll learn how to work with folders in a Document Library: Adding a Folder Document Type Restrictions and Workflow...

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Using the Documents and Media Management Bar

The Documents and Media Management Bar is where people that manage documents go to unwind after a long day at work. Just kidding. The Management Bar, as its name implies, contains tools for...

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Viewing File Previews

File previews help users browse and find media efficiently. To view a preview of a file, click the file’s name in the Document Library. If the file is an image, the image appears. If an app is...

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Editing Images

Editing and re-uploading images when you only need to apply simple edits is tedious. Docs & Media contains a simple built-in image editor for exactly this reason. To access the image editor, locate...

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Publishing Files

Once your Document Library contains files, you may want to publish them in your site. Here are some ways to publish files: Show them in a Documents and Media app. Display them in a Media Gallery....

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Checking Out and Editing Files

When you check out a document in the Document Library, only you can make changes to it until you check it back in. This prevents conflicting edits on the same document by multiple users. When you...

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Desktop Access to Documents and Media

You can access the Document Library from your desktop file manager via WebDAV. WebDAV is a set of methods based on HTTP that let users create, edit, move, or delete files stored on web servers....

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Linking to Google Drive™

You can create Document Library files that link to files in Google Drive™ and Google Photos™. This lets you access your Google files from the Document Library. Note that this functionality isn’t...

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