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Understanding System Configuration Files

The System Settings application is convenient for making system-scoped configuration changes and setting default configurations for other scopes. But there’s another supported configuration approach: configuration files. You can use configuration files to transfer configurations from pre-production systems to production systems, or between any other Liferay Portal systems. Sometimes developers choose to distribute the default configuration for their applications via configuration file. Whatever the reason, configuration files offer another configuration approach.

Configuration files use the .config property value format defined by the Apache Felix Configuration Admin framework.

Creating Configuration Files

System Settings provides an Export option that becomes available once you modify a configuration entry. Exporting is the recommended way to create .config files: you download a .config file...

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Factory Configurations

Configurations supporting multiple entries are called factory configurations. Factory Configuration Example: JAX-WS and JAX-RS web services are supported. These services must use a CXF Endpoint ,...

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