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Liferay Portal provides a robust script engine for executing Groovy scripts. You can execute scripts to perform maintenance tasks like data cleanup, user maintenance operations, bulk invocations of Liferay’s API, or even system level operations in the scripting console.

These tutorials cover the following scripting topics:

The most common use of the scripting console is to invoke Liferay’s services, so that’s covered first. Familiarity with Liferay’s API makes the scripting console a useful tool.

Invoking Liferay Services From Scripts

Many scripting scenarios require invoking Liferay services. Liferay *ServiceUtil classes are the fastest and most convenient way to invoke Liferay services in the script console. You can use Groovy...

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Running Scripts From the Script Console

The script console provides a single view for executing Groovy scripts and printing their output. It has predefined variables that facilitate printing output and working with portlets and users....

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Leveraging the Script Engine in Workflow

Liferay’s Kaleo workflow engine provides a robust system for reviewing and approving content in an enterprise environment. Even if you don’t leverage scripts, it’s a powerful and robust workflow...

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Script Examples

Here are some examples to help you use Liferay’s script console. Note: Most of these originated from a Liferay blog post. The following scripts are Groovy scripts but they can be adapted to other...

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