Form Navigator

Liferay’s Form Navigator framework lets you organize forms into separate pages that use the same navigation component, Save button, and Cancel button. Each form page is linked to a section entry in the navigation. Section entries can be aggregated into categories. Each section entry has a Java implementation of the FormNavigatorEntry interface. Each category has a Java implementation of the FormNavigatorCategory interface. The framework’s form-navigator tag creates a navigation UI across the categories and sections. Using rank integers, you can specify the order of categories and section entries. Form Navigators are used in Liferay Portal to divide up input for portal settings, site settings, and organization settings.

Liferay's Portal Settings uses a Form Navigator.

You can connect your app’s forms to Liferay’s existing form navigators. For example, you can add to Site Settings a form page for your app. You can add to Liferay settings pages as many form pages (section entries) as you like. You can even extend existing form navigators by adding new form navigation categories. Whether you want to leverage form navigation within your app’s UI or extend Liferay’s existing form navigation, the Form Navigator API and the form-navigator tag make it easy.

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