Liferaypedia Guidelines

This page is a work in progress. Come back often for updates.

Golden Rules #

These are the golden rules that must be met in Liferaypedia at all times.

  1. Each page must focus on one concept and only one concept. Use the concept's name as the page's title.
  2. The first paragraph(s) must define the concept. If the concept is also used outside of Liferay, you can quote its definition from Wikipedia or another trustworthy source, and link back to that source from Liferaypedia. Make sure to always explain the concept's relationship to Liferay.
  3. Use links everywhere it makes sense. First link to other related concepts found in Liferaypedia. Next link to tutorials related to the concept. When appropriate, include links to additional external resources in a final section at the end of the page.

Best practices #

  • Don't use personal language and don't mention your own experience--doing so discourages other people from contributing to the page.
  • Use child pages only for terms that are actually subtypes of the parent page. For example, a page called Programming Language could have a child page Functional Programming Language, but not one about Object Oriented Development.

To create a new page without using a child page:

  1. Edit the existing page from which you want to link to a new concept page.
  2. Mention the concept and wrap the concept word (i.e., the new page's title) in brackets concept.
  3. Save the existing page.
  4. Click on the link you just created, to create the new concept page and edit it.

Writing guidelines #

To be written soon.

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