Basically, a wiki is an application which allows users to collaboratively build a repository of information. There are, of course, many implementations of this idea, the most famous of which is Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a full online encyclopedia developed collaboratively by users from all over the world, using a wiki. Another example would be TripAdvisor, which tourists use to rate travel destinations and accommodations, and help other tourists plan fantastic trips.

A wiki application allows users to create and edit online documents and link them to each other. To accomplish this, a special form of markup is used which is sometimes called wikitext. Unfortunately, the proliferation of many different wiki applications resulted in slightly different syntax for wikitext in the various products, as each new wiki tried to focus on new features that other wikis did not have. For that reason, a project called WikiCreole was started. This project resulted in the release of WikiCreole 1.0 in 2007, which is an attempt to define a standard wiki markup that all wikis can support.

Rather than define another wikitext syntax, Liferay’s Wiki app supports WikiCreole as its syntax. This syntax is a best-of-breed wiki syntax and should be familiar to users of other wikis. The app provides a handy cheat sheet for the syntax on the page editing form, with a link to the full documentation if you wish to use some of WikiCreole’s advanced features.

Liferay’s Wiki, is a full-featured wiki application which has all of the features you would expect in a state of the art wiki. Again, though, it has the benefit of being able to take advantage of all of the features of the Liferay platform. As such, it is completely integrated with Liferay’s user management, tagging, security features, and more.

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