GROW YOUR SKILLS BY participating in the community

Participating in the Liferay Community is a great way to learn and grow your skills. You can start by attending events, participating activities or helping out those that are just getting started, or those that have faced the same hurdles as you have. There are many different ways you can participate, both technical and non-technical.

You are new and unsure about how to participate? We have you covered with our tour

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New to Liferay? Try these easy tasks

Go to our events

Learn how others like you are using Liferay and improve your own knowledge

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Help improve the documentation

It takes only a few minutes, is super easy, and feels good!

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Use the forums

Ask questions and find answers in our global melting pot of experts and newbies

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Have a few mins free? That's more than enough to contribute!

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Build your Liferay reputation and share your knowledge!

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Make a suggestion

Record your amazing ideas and ask others to vote for them

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Translate 10 messages to your language

Pick a language you know. List missing translations and translate the first 10. Easy :)

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Looking for a challenge? Show your skills

Fix a bug

Pick one you have found or any verified one on Be a hero!

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Contribute a feature or improvement

Reserved to Jedi developers

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Write a new tutorial

Like to share your knowledge? Show it!

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