Known Vulnerabilities

The following vulnerabilities are known to exist in Liferay Portal CE.  Users of older releases are strongly encouraged to upgrade to the latest Liferay Portal CE release.  Patches are only produced for the latest Liferay Portal CE release.  Source code modifications may be possible on older releases, but care must be taken to backport fixes that may not apply to older releases.

To obtain source or binary patches for each of the vulnerabilities, click on the name of the vulnerability, and look for links for source and binary patches.  To obtain a single cumulative source or binary patch for all known vulnerabilities, visit the Patch Details section of the Reporting page.  Note that the availability of the single cumulative binary patch may lag a day or two behind availability of the associated source patches.

Liferay Portal 7.0 CE GA5 (7.0.4)

CST-7045 SMTP header injection vulnerability via Commons Email
CST-7044 Content spoofing via URL manipulation
CST-7043 Local file disclosure via crafted URL
CST-7042 Open redirect vulnerability in Asset Publisher
CST-7041 Unauthorized access to system portlets/applications
CST-7040 Denial of service vulnerability when using Xuggler
CST-7039 Password exposure in System Settings
CST-7038 Multiple permission vulnerabilities in 7.0 CE GA5
CST-7037 Multiple XSS vulnerabilities in 7.0 CE GA5

Liferay Portal 7.0 CE GA6 (7.0.5)

CST-7052 Multiple CSRF vulnerability in 7.0 CE GA6
CST-7051 Remote code execution via Web Proxy application
CST-7050 BREACH attack vulnerability
CST-7049 doAsUserId leaked to third party sites
CST-7048 User information exposure in asset tag API
CST-7047 Multiple permission vulnerabilities in 7.0 CE GA6
CST-7046 Reflected XSS in JSONSWS API page

Liferay Portal 7.0 CE GA7 (7.0.6)

CST-7059 Theoretical OS commaind injection in SendmailHook
CST-7058 CSV injection in Forms, DDL and user export
CST-7057 CSRF vulnerability with comments
CST-7056 Form REST data provider password disclosure
CST-7055 Open redirect prevention circumvention
CST-7054 Blog titles leaked to users without view permission
CST-7053 Multiple XSS vulnerabilities in 7.0 CE GA7

Liferay Portal 7.1 CE GA1 (7.1.0)

CST-7112 Password reset token leaked to 3rd party sites
CST-7111 RCE via JSON deserialization
CST-7110 Path traversal vulnerability in templates
CST-7109 XXE vulnerability in XSL Content & Web Content
CST-7108 User can change password without entering current password
CST-7107 HTML injection in notification emails
CST-7106 SSRF vulnerability via templates
CST-7105 LDAP injection
CST-7104 Multiple permission vulnerabilities in 7.1 CE GA1
CST-7103 Multiple XSS vulnerabilities in 7.1 CE GA1
CST-7102 Open redirect vulnerability with Blogs RSS and tunnel-web
CST-7101 Password changes does not terminate other sessions

Liferay Portal 7.1 CE GA2 (7.1.1)

CST-7121 Anonymous message boards post can be associated with a user
CST-7120 Open redirect in <liferay-ui:header>
CST-7119 Overly verbose error message
CST-7118 User login is vulnerable to CSRF
CST-7117 Unverified password change
CST-7116 Multiple permission vulnerabilities in 7.1 CE GA2
CST-7115 Stored XSS with image resolutions in Adaptive Media
Vulnerabilities archive for past releases: 6.1 CE | 6.2 CE | 7.0 CE

Additional Known Vulnerabilities

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