About the Team

The Liferay Community Translation Team is an all-volunteer group of community members who help with the translation of Liferay Portal CE to 45 different languages so that Liferay is much closer to the native language of any user all over the world.

All the strings, labels and messages that are shown in Liferay are extracted by language from a set of different property files which contain a key for the message and the value that will be shown when using that language.

The members of the Liferay Community Translation Team (CTT) will contribute by proposing the translation(s) for the messages in the language or languages that they are familiar with.


The CTT comprises of individuals from the wider Liferay community, as well as employees of Liferay, Inc. All community members are welcome to participate. 

The translation coordination is done using Crowdin, so if you want to help translate Liferay Portal CE to your language, create a free account and check out the instructions.

Members members

David Gómez
Senior Developer Advocate
Zeno Rocha
Principal Developer Advocate
Jamie Sammons
Senior Developer Advocate