With the explosion of languages, frameworks, and platforms with which Liferay is used for modern web development, documentation has never been more important! This site contains documentation and articles to help you discover Liferay features and develop and distribute apps for Liferay. Throughout these sections, you may notice an Edit on Github link in the upper-right of an article. This is your clue that the documentation is continually updating, and contributions from developers like you help to fill in those areas needing documentation. Here are ways you can help:

Create new articles. Follow the README(Opens New Window).

Click an existing article's Edit on Github button to start making improvements. Follow the README(Opens New Window).

Write Javadoc for the Java API(Opens New Window).

Describe tags for the Taglibs(Opens New Window).

Help curate a canonical description of Liferay concepts by contributing to Liferaypedia.

The best way to contribute documentation is to just write some! It can be on any topic, though usually focused on a particular feature or problem domain.